Live performance of ONEIRA by Clocks in Motion quartet at Constellation Chicago playing alongside the animated short
Some select storyboard pages from the planning of ONEIRA
Composition by Jennifer Bellor
Film by Christine A Banna

Performance by Clocks in Motion Percussion Quartet
Sean Kleve, MalletKAT
John Corkill, vibraphone
Kyle Flens, marimba
Christopher G. Jones, marimba

Director & Animator: Christine A Banna
Film Intern & Colorist: Lilika Tsukada-Sayers-Merrick
Colorist: Bridget Toner

Track “Oneira” is from the album “Oneira” by Clocks in Motion
Published by BellorMusic
Courtesy of Clocks in Motion and Aerocade Music

Producer: Meerenai Shim
Recording engineer: Alberto Hernandez
Recorded at Audio for the Arts (Madison, WI)
Mastering engineer: Jett Galindo

Copyright 2022 Jennifer Bellor and Christine A Banna
℗ 2022 Clocks in Motion and Aerocade Music
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