“Uncharted Territory” is a short film depicting of the artist’s struggle with the inevitability of death. The visuals combine a mixture of fantastical and mundane scenarios of suffocation.  They are accompanied by the artist’s retelling of her own near death experience.
installation of "Uncharted Territory" at the Cyclorama 
Boston, MA 2014
“Uncharted Territory” grew organically from multiple different artworks I was working on simultaneously during my graduate studies. I was attempting to work through themes that had been pervasive in my previous work around some morbid topics. It became clear to me through my work that my next step had to be more personal and honest to move forward in my practice. I thought about my own health struggles with extreme food and airborne
allergies and how even unintentionally it affected my artwork. I resisted this realization that my work had always been more self-biographical than I consciously intended.
“Uncharted Territory” at its core is about the inevitability of death and coming to terms with a near-death experience. I chose a story from my own experience of suffering from the worst
allergic reaction in my life. The experience of this particular incident definitely stands out from the hundreds of times I’ve had a reaction. The stakes were never higher than that Thursday night many years ago. This artwork involves visuals of both fantastical and mundane scenarios of suffocation. The majority of the footage
takes place in two voids humanity is exploring: water and space. The scenes themselves range from meditative to violent which are married together aesthetically through the color palette and style. The scenes are appropriated from a wide variety of media ranging from news broadcasts, video games, and Hollywood movies, but their true source is always masked in the way that they are transformed, rotoscoped, colored, and sampled.
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